Idea Events Rules of Conduct

Last updated December 16, 2010 is pleased to have you participate in our Idea Events. An Idea Event is a gathering of subscriber participants and/or contributors, either in person, by telephone conference call, or through webinar, to discuss important ideas or current developments in our economic, financial, or political world or in particular industries or specialties, and to share insights, thoughts and experiences with each other in these areas. We welcome your participation in our Idea Events and trust you will benefit from them.

Set forth below are the specific Rules of Conduct which govern your participation in our Idea Events. Participation in our Idea Events is subject to these Rules of Conduct as well as our Terms of Use and, if you are a contributor to the Site, our Author Agreement. The terms of such documents are hereby incorporated as part of these Rules.

Upon signing up for an Idea Event, you will be reminded of your obligation to comply with these Rules of Conduct. will not be held liable or responsible for any violations of these Rules of Conduct.

I. Subscriber Participants and Contributors

You shall not do any of the following at any time in connection with your participation in our Idea Events:

II. Employees, Directors, or Consultants of a Company

If you are an employee or director of a company, you must obtain the consent of your company prior to your participation in the Idea Event. You should be conversant with any restrictions imposed on you by any employment agreements, employee manuals, codes of conduct, consulting agreements, company policies or similar materials which govern your employment relationship. will not be responsible to your employer or any third party for breaches by you of any such restrictions or prohibitions.

You shall not do any of the following at any time in connection with your participation in an Idea Event:

We look forward to your participation in our Idea Event.